Eggplant – Annina (F1)


Spineless purple-striped Italian type.

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Spineless purple-striped Italian type.

Glossy variegated eggplant with attractive teardrop shape. Avg. 7-8″ long by 3-4″ diameter. Early and high-yielding. Bright green calyx. No spines.
65 Days to maturity
Likes full sun and heat. Rich soil.
Suggestions: Eggplants need a warm soil and night temperature to prosper. They will stunt under 10C. Location should be sheltered from the wind and soil should be kept reasonably moist. Be sure to harden off the seedlings to reduce transplant stress. Harvest fruit early and often. The more you pick the more they will produce. Do not pull off fruit, rather cut from stems.
Pot size: Minimum 12″ per plant or plant in ground 12″ away from next plant.