Basil – Lime


Wonderful lime-scented version of lemon basil from Thailand

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Wonderful lime-scented version of lemon basil from Thailand. Fragrant lime aroma that can be utilized in salads, soups and any other dishes requiring a zesty touch. Can even be used to brew into a tea! Enjoy large spikes of white flowers that begin to appear in July and attract pollinators. These can be pinched off in order to promote continuous new leaf growth if grown as a kitchen herb. Basil is a warm weather annual that thrives in well drained fertile soil in a full or partially shady location where it will get 6-8 hours of sun per day. Basil grows best when it is guaranteed adequate drainage which is why they do best in pots or raised beds. Ensure good air flow between plants, by adequate spacing as basil is typically susceptible to fungal molds. In order to encourage a more branched and bushy plant, prune to just above the second set of leaves after they have produced their first 6 leaves and keep pruning back to their first set when each branch reaches 6-8 leaves. Harvest in the morning when leaves contain the highest concentration of aromatic oils. Ht 20-40cm.